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God’s.essage is consistent, sure, and irrefutable. They express their love through their sexual union, which brings them together in the closest intimacy and opens them to the gift of new life. These rules are sufficient for a decision to follow the evangelical counsels, as they may be practised even in the world. useful referenceThere is nothing wrong with planning a career, but God usually has deeper and larger plans than we can imagine. View more VISION Videos . A diocesan priest is one who is called to serve souls in a particular diocese. “, bx; EC. What native strength of mind cast away on a vocation that is unworthy of it! Anne Lamont, in her autobiographical book travelling Mercies, recalls a sermon about gods leading: Pastor Veronica said that when she prays for direction, one spot of illumination always appears just beyond her feet, a circle of light into which she can step.


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